Nomic Designs News & Customers

JUNE 30, 2008
Verizon Wireless has approved Nomic Designs On/Off in seconds Ergo Shoulder.
Verizon workers found great benefits in shoulder comfort, balance, clothes protection, and handling sun glazed objects. Verizon will benefit from fewer shoulder injuries and job shifting.

Saif Oregon's # 1 Comp Ins. takes Ergo to state wide conference.
Donald Blinzer SAIF lose control consultant looks to show Ergo at conference as cool new tool. This may help one of Oregon's top injury problems "Shoulder".

AUGUST 7, 2007
Nomic Designs' Ergo Shoulder will be featured in September issue of Construction Digest under protective gear.

AUGUST 1, 2007
Nomic Designs joins STAFDA - Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distribution Association.

As a new STAFDA associate, Nomic Designs looks forward to providing a wonderful new product - Ergo Shoulder - and a professional service to STAFDA distributors.
- Thanks STAFDA